Back Mountain Bowl
 Family Fun Center

Route 415 Memorial Highway
Dallas, PA  18612

(570) 675-5026

Stop By In Your Spare Time!!


(570) 675-5026

Kitchen Hours

Monday  - Wednesday    4pm - 10pm

Thursday -                      Noon -10pm

Friday                            11am -11pm

Saturday                        10am - 11pm

Sunday                           Noon - 10pm

Dining Room

Now Open



      Specialty Sicilian Pizza

Chicken Wing          All white chicken breast with your favorite wing sauce 

White w/Ham          Ham,  our blend of cheeses and seasonings

White w/Tomato      Tomato, our blend of cheeses and seasonings

Veggie                    Broccoli, onion, mushroom, peppers, & black olives

Luau                       Ham, pineapple, and our blend of cheeses

White w/Broccoli       
Broccoli, our blend of cheeses and seasonings 

Pagach                    Potatoes, garlic, and our blend of cheeses

Breakfast                Scrabbled egg, & choice of meat (bacon, sausage, or ham)

Chicken Fajita          All white chicken, salsa, sweet peppers & our blend of cheeses

                                                6 Cuts        $ 8.95

                                                  12 Cuts       $16.95